About us

More than 45 years
of history for the production of rubber and plastic items

Lavorazione Gomma was founded in 1977 by Gianfranco Lameri as a plastic material die-cutting company. Only five years later he acquired an enterprise that operates in rubber molding which thus completes the products and services offered by the company. Over time, the fleet of machines has been enhanced with new tools and machinery, in the continuous search for efficiency and innovation to offer to our customers.

Today we specialise in the molding of rubber items, in injection and compression, and in mechanical processing of plastics for the production and subcontracting of customised items.


Customer centricity

Dialogue and needs. The production process begins by listening to the customer to share challenges and objectives.



Investing in efficiency and continuous improvement is one of the key values of our vision.


Flexibility and reliability

We manage the entire process from order to shipment to ensure continuous monitoring and maximum flexibility.


Quality controls

We are UNI EN ISO 9001:2015-certified for the molding and production of technical items in plastics and elastomers.

The quality and production performance are optimised and guaranteed by periodic monitoring of the production cycle. Making processes more allows us to offer a precise and impeccable product and service.

We operate in the following sectors


Vending machine




many others

Continuous improvement policy

One of the key values of Lavorazione Gomma is the policy of continuous improvement to ensure high performance and production quality and to offer our customers the best technical items.

Every year we perform surveys on the state of the machinery in order to predict and plan new investments in tools and equipment and to organise staff training.

Flexibility, control and reliability


Via Spino, 88
24126 Bergamo

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T 035 314864
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E info@lavorazionegomma.it

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